Did you like RA.ONE?

I caught the Don 2 trailer on youtube today and must say am looking forward to it. Firstly, I’ve developed into a Farhan Akhtar fan. He makes good movies. I also like his understated acting. It would be quite fun if he’s developing Don into a franchise. It would be interesting to watch a franchise around the bad guy. Very convenient that Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahin namumkin hai.

Coming to SRK, I braved RA.ONE the other day. I went with zero expectations, to a nearby hall, on a five day Diwali weekend ( excellent strategy Mr SRK) and hold your breath….I didn’t think it was so bad. Apart from that irritating South Indian angle which so does not work, I think the rest of the movie was not so bad. I loved the special effects. Of course, there was no story. I totally agree. But I don’t go and watch a movie only for the story. Sometimes there’s other stuff that does magic for me. The music. The effects. SRK. Much as I’m a disgusted by his in your face promotions and his antics on stage at various live events, I still think he does good movies. I watched ‘My name is Khan’ on TV the other day and liked that too.

We shifted houses again. Copious amounts of seepage in the earlier house prompted this. The new one is on the 11th Floor on a building at Pali Hill. Oh My God. The view! But I refuse to get excited about houses on rent anymore. You never know what will crawl out of the woodwork. Literally and figuratively.

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One Response to Did you like RA.ONE?

  1. KP says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed Ra.One and I think SRK has attempted something out of the box and that’s what makes a great actor :0)

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