‘At some point he ceases to be Ranbir Kapoor and you only know him as Jordan’. This statement by a colleague aptly sums up the power of Ranbir’s performance in the movie. I’ve never really been a fan of the young actor. While I felt he had promise, he lacked a range of expressions. A peculiar hangdog expression seemed to be his mainstay. But I was blown by him in this movie. His comic timing in the first half and his angst and pain in the second half made me live, love and feel the character played by him.

I do feel that the story lacked a wee bit of credibility. Jordan’s pain seemed a little overdone given the circumstances that led to it. But as a viewer, in the face of such a power packed performance, I was willing to overlook that. Nargis Fakhri has a long way to go. I think the genius of the director was visible in the fact that he took her failings as an actor and made them a part of her character. So her strange dialogue delivery, jerky mannerisms all became a part of Heer.

I liked the movie a lot. Maybe not as much as Jab We Met but definitely more than Luv Aaj Kal. Hats off to Imtiaz Ali for being consistent in delivering good movies.

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3 Responses to Rockstar

  1. Double Inverted Commas says:

    Agree. But I didn’t like the film per se. The only good things about the film according to me are Mr Kapoor and a few songs.

  2. With the link ups between Ranbir and Nargis and the passionate love scenes doing the rounds on the news and the internet the chemistry between them is surely making the headlines and the film is gaining maximum attention

  3. dipali says:

    I loved Ranbir in this film, and the songs and his delivery of them, both of them were awesome.

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