Welcome to Magical Homes

Long back I had mentioned here that my dream job would revolve around Home Décor. While I don’t have the courage to jump headlong into a career change, I have decided to take baby steps into developing this into a hobby that I can spend some passionate time on. 2 steps have been taken in this respect.

One is of course a new blog where I will post pictures from my home, readers’ homes, friends’ homes and in short any home that catches my fancy in the way it is done up or reflects the personality of the owners. You will also find here helpful tips, new product details and any other information related to home décor. The blog design is still w.i.p. I don’t even have a header pic right now. I’m also discovering that the blog is actually helping me to learn more about photography skills. Hats off to Archana, Priya and Bhavna for the beautiful photographs on their blogs, blogs that I ardently follow.

The second is workshops around home décor. I just concluded a fabulous workshop on Instant Party Décor. If you can look different for every evening out can your home do the same? Can you use flowers and table linen to create a different ‘look’ every time? 12 women discovered that with a little ingenuity they can.

I don’t know where this is going to go. The only plan right now is to have fun. So enjoy, grab yourself a cup of coffee while I take you on a tour of some magical homes.

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One Response to Welcome to Magical Homes

  1. Bikram says:

    Hi came over from doubleinverted comma’s blog .. all the best with the hobby and who knows it might just become a career ..
    I know how difficult it is to change career;s .. I dont have the guts to do it ..

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