The mantra in Mumbai, and I’m assuming across all other major metros in India, is – Have Horn. Will Honk. I am by now so irritated with the rising noise levels in this city that it is beginning to translate into crazy behavior. Like the other day, travelling by cab, I was next to another cab whose free left turn was being blocked by a largish car that possibly wanted to go straight. The largish car was obviously in the wrong lane. But honking LOUDLY was not going to change that. And it was a matter of a minute or so before the lights changed. Yet the cab next to me relentlessly kept honking till I popped my head out and screamed. My own cab driver turned around and wanted to know if I was mad!!

And it set me thinking. If I was in that cab driver’s place I would have possibly relentlessly honked too.

Firstly, I completely agree there are people walking, animals, cycles in the wrong lanes, rickshaws also sometimes in the wrong lanes, heck even cars in the wrong lane, and umpteen other valid reasons to honk, maybe even at 3 ‘o’ clock in the night, but what irks me big time is when I see someone honking for NO reason at all. Nothing ahead of them. Yet honk. And some of them can be really sharp. I vaguely think there is a law against honking. I am not sure but am planning to look that up. Though I have no clue how that is going to help me. But really, for the sake of everyone’s sanity, I propose you reduce honking now. I also think that automobile companies owe to the planet to reduce the volume on the horns they put in the cars. Otherwise, I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely getting effected.

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2 Responses to Noise

  1. LOL, yes there must be a law about “no honking” because my husband and I went to Mumbai in May 2011, and took at least 2 pics of “no honking” signs. Maybe on our next trip to Mumbai/Thane, we can meet up! We live in Colorado, USA. BTW, LOVE ur blog, keep it up! Will check out your new one too! 🙂

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