Protests by the Youth

I saw this huge poster today near Bandra Bandstand which said ” The Youth want their freedom back” or something to that effect.

I am as appalled as the next person at the thought that I need to be morally policed. Of course not. I am an adult in my mid thirties who when she goes out to a bar at night with her husband/ friends is not out to do anything illegal or harmful. I am only trying to chill after a f*@*#* up day of office politics, dealing with friends reeling from a BAAD economy and job and salary cuts, traffic jams and various other ills that this country has to offer. The last thing I need is someone taking me off to a police station because I am out ‘too late’ or I may be ‘doing drugs’.

However, I am a little disappointed that this issue is raising so much hoo haa while the youth has never questioned on why the sea link ,in spite of having opened 3 years back is still incomplete. Or why roads are in such a bad condition. Or why there is no flyover on Peddar Road. Because I, sure as hell, have a bad back due to driving up and down that road every day. Simple things. I’m not even asking them to question bigger issues like why some places in India still don’t have electricity. Heck, Delhi doesn’t have electricity forget some unknown village. I’m just saying maybe it’s time to put up a board at every pothole questioning why there is a pothole there.

Maybe I sound ridiculous. And I’m obviously opening myself to comments such as ” Yes, but have YOU done anything about it?’ No I haven’t. But I also haven’t put up a board questioning what a certain ACP in Mumbai is doing.

My point is – choose your issues. But don’t neglect the ones that are not a passing phase. Dhoble is. Whatever, or whoever, is prompting him to do this will find something else to target soon. But we will continue to spend 30 minutes to traverse 1 km on Peddar Road and staring at a sea link which suddenly disappears mid air because of our own as well as  the administration’s apathy.

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One Response to Protests by the Youth

  1. Ranjna says:

    This is so true people hardly move their butt figuratively and literally at the slight personal discomfort however they miss out on things which are and have been there troubling us for a longer duration just because it is sarkari kaam and will happen that way.

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