Mumbai and noise

It is always the empty ones that make the most noise – autos and taxis, I mean. Their drivers obviously have somewhere very urgent to be. And the vehicles in front of them have nowhere to be, right? Yeah! Like there is a single vehicle on Mumbai roads that is not in a freaking hurry to get somewhere. So WHY honk.

The minute I get into a taxi or an auto, I tell the driver to NOT honk. Sternly. This is for my benefit as much as the other people on the road. I think the noise levels in this city have gone way beyond human acceptable levels. I think a lot of things in this city have gone wayyyy beyond acceptable levels.

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2 Responses to Mumbai and noise

  1. Heather G. says:

    I love your reading your posts about Mumbai! Went there in May 2011, and planning to return in February 2013 (hopefully)! Would love to meet up with you, if you don’t mind meeting up with 2 Americans who have a heart for India. ~ Heather 🙂

  2. Delhi is worse I think. Not only the vehicles, pedestrians too are so unruly!

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