The poor Indian flyer

I was taking a flight from Mumbai to Delhi a few days back. I was on the stairs to the craft when I heard a busy voice making stern announcements. The phrase ‘on time’ popped up a couple of times. Already. I’m not even on the plane. I was reduced to a state of panic. Oh my god. Hurry! Hurry! I don’t want to hold this plane up. Oh my God. What if I don’t find space for my cabin baggage. Oh my God. I’ll then be holding up all the other people behind me. Oh my God! Will I be responsible for this plane not being ‘on time’. Oh my God! Visions of a stern air hostess pointing me out and saying ‘Lady, can you please sit down. You are making the plane late. As a punishment you’ll have to clean the entire craft before we land so as we can be on time for our next flight!! Oh. My. God!

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2 Responses to The poor Indian flyer

  1. blogwatig says:

    Gimme more in this tale………… imagination is running wild already!!! 😀

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