The calm after the storm!

I sit here now, in my balcony, high above the chaos called Mumbai, watching the rain tearing down for the 3rd consecutive day. A hot cup of coffee and a warm buttered toast sit beside me giving me comfort. But things were not this calm 2 hours back. 2 hours back I was in Saki Naka.

Saki Naka, as Mumbai people would know, is a place where time stands still. So does your car! And when it does move, it has a hard time deciding between plopping into a puddle and running into people-on-foot/traffic. Vast quantities of puddles. And even vaster quantities of people-on-foot/traffic.

Why was I in Saki Naka on this god forsaken day today, you may ask? 2 reasons. Ek to I am an entrepreneur. If I don’t go for an important meeting citing complete and total chaos thanks to the rains, I will not automatically still get a salary at the end of the month. So I have to be brave for the rozi roti. After all, client has also braved it to office, no? Secondly, I presumed, given the dire warnings of the city being swept away, a lot of people would refrain from gallivanting around at Saki Naka and hence the place would be relatively less choked of traffic. Clearly, a whole lot of other people also assumed the same with the result Saki Naka was still choked. Maybe lesser than normal days ( ah! Small mercies) but still choked.

Anyway, I leave you behind with some photos that I took on the way. Tell me again, why there shouldn’t be criminal proceedings against the people who made these roads!?

2014-07-28 13.34.47-1


2014-07-31 14.46.33


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