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The stigma of speaking in Hindi

A couple of weekends ago I attended a concert by Sukhwinder Singh. The man is a powerhouse of talent. I love most of his songs and to listen to him Live was sheer magic. This post is not however about Sukhwinder … Continue reading

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The calm after the storm!

I sit here now, in my balcony, high above the chaos called Mumbai, watching the rain tearing down for the 3rd consecutive day. A hot cup of coffee and a warm buttered toast sit beside me giving me comfort. But … Continue reading

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My Mumbai Marathon

You have to be a certain kind of crazy to wake up at 4 am on a Sunday to run– says the CEO of a leading financial services company. I agree with him. I have a lot of friends who … Continue reading

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That’s rude!

We are a nation of rude, boorish people. Take a pause and think before you start feeling all indignant. We are. And I don’t blame us. With so many people competing for limited resources, massive income differentials, an everyday struggle … Continue reading

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The poor Indian flyer

I was taking a flight from Mumbai to Delhi a few days back. I was on the stairs to the craft when I heard a busy voice making stern announcements. The phrase ‘on time’ popped up a couple of times. … Continue reading

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Mumbai and noise

It is always the empty ones that make the most noise – autos and taxis, I mean. Their drivers obviously have somewhere very urgent to be. And the vehicles in front of them have nowhere to be, right? Yeah! Like … Continue reading

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Going short – a tale of stressed tresses.

After 35 years of long, rebellious, unruly hair, I chopped them off for a short crop and thought that was the end of my hair problems. “Midlife crisis”, muttered hubby. “Oh please”, I said, running my fingers lovingly through my … Continue reading

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Protests by the Youth

I saw this huge poster today near Bandra Bandstand which said ” The Youth want their freedom back” or something to that effect. I am as appalled as the next person at the thought that I need to be morally … Continue reading

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Remembering Calcutta

To play a raunchy actress in Dirty Picture and then follow it up with so contrasting a character as that of a pregnant woman searching for her husband, and play both to perfection, requires talent. Hats off to Vidya Balan. … Continue reading

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The mantra in Mumbai, and I’m assuming across all other major metros in India, is – Have Horn. Will Honk. I am by now so irritated with the rising noise levels in this city that it is beginning to translate … Continue reading

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