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>When the going gets tough…….

> …..the tough run to mommy. And so the previous weekend was spent in Delhi with parents, sister and dog. I spent a total of 2 hours staring at the ticketing site ( I always use – they’re just … Continue reading

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>Back to the grind.

> As mentioned earlier, I was in Delhi for Diwali. We left on the night of 15th and were back on the 23rd. A good 8 days of Delhi and Amritsar. It was awesome. The weather in Delhi is showing … Continue reading

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>My Festive Clock

> All that glee at having the laptop back, followed by precisely 2 posts. Tsk! Tsk! Anyway, my festive clock has gone for a toss. See, in Delhi, the festivities begin now. It’s beautiful. Slowly, the days will get shorter. … Continue reading

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>Point of View

>When I look up from my laptop at the work station, this is what I see…… So obviously I keep looking up from my laptop too many times for comfort. Or shall I say the more accurate – sometimes I … Continue reading

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>I have been on a holiday. 2 weeks of glorious departure from the ho hum life. Firstly, of course, there was Diwali. Diwali was enchanting. It was naturally, preceded by wild card parties. ( For the uninitiated, cards refers to … Continue reading

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>Delhi vs Mumbai

>I’m tired of people constantly involving me in Mumbai vs Delhi battles. And I’m annoyed with myself for getting passionately involved.

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>Missing Delhi

> I’ve been cranky all week. It could be the viral. Yes, it has struck the Singh household! First the husband, and now, me. A 21 yr old co worker thinks that most romantic! Or it could be….no it can’t … Continue reading

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