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When you travel Darling I can have Maggi for lunch and Maggi for dinner I can sleep without being pushed to one corner I can apply nail polish without having to hear, “yuck, red?” I can let clothes pile up … Continue reading

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Lessons in conversation

Yesterday was hubby-makes-vegetable-stew-for –dinner day. It’s our new twice a week healthy eating thing. So I came back from the gym, took a shower, and bounded into the kitchen to catch him peacefully chopping veggies. There I was all overflowing … Continue reading

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> I like that song ‘aye khuda’ from Paathshaala. Every radio station I hopped to during the drive to office in the morning seemed to be blaring it repeatedly. So you noticed I said ‘drive’. Hmm. So let’s give you … Continue reading

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>The taxiwalah and the birthday spark

>So while my previous job entailed going to one end of Mumbai, this one requires me to move in the other. Fort, to be precise. Fort is in town. For all non Mumbaities – autos are restricted from entering town … Continue reading

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>55 word reality

>Monday,10 a.m.She: You’ve reached office?He: Busy. Will call you back. 2.00 p.m.She: Had lunch?He: Yup. In a meeting. Will call you back. 4.30 p.m.He: You called.She : In a meeting. I’ll call you back? 7.00 p.m.She: Starting for home. You?He: … Continue reading

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>Sunday Breakfast

> The first year of marriage is a huge learning period. It is a period when the husband learns that the sweet woman he married, with big eyes adoringly looking up at him, willingly calling night a day and day … Continue reading

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>Men in Black

> To all ye waiting with bated breath to hear of my joyful weekend exploits, there is very sad news. Due to conditions involving complete mess up in booking and an important meeting of hubby that cropped up, all plans … Continue reading

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>Its not music to my ears!!

> About 2 years back we realized our music system was kinda showing symptoms of old age. Further investigations revealed it was on its death bed. For two years we held on to it, but with a heavy heart, sometime … Continue reading

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>Sigh! Nice weekend.

> Guide on how to book a Weekend Getaway near Mumbai for long weekends. Step 1 : Study official Holiday List sent out by HR at beginning of the year. Step 2 : Mark out all long weekends. Step 3 … Continue reading

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>Rab ne bana di jodi

> Hubby’s take on the movie: From Deewana to KANK, he’s been ‘stealing’ other people’s girlfriends/wives. This time he’s ‘stealing’ his own!!!!

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