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The stigma of speaking in Hindi

A couple of weekends ago I attended a concert by Sukhwinder Singh. The man is a powerhouse of talent. I love most of his songs and to listen to him Live was sheer magic. This post is not however about Sukhwinder … Continue reading

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The poor Indian flyer

I was taking a flight from Mumbai to Delhi a few days back. I was on the stairs to the craft when I heard a busy voice making stern announcements. The phrase ‘on time’ popped up a couple of times. … Continue reading

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Welcome to Magical Homes

Long back I had mentioned here that my dream job would revolve around Home Décor. While I don’t have the courage to jump headlong into a career change, I have decided to take baby steps into developing this into a … Continue reading

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An invite

On Saturday, an invite for a restaurant launch on Sunday landed in my inbox courtesy this blog. 2 restaurants actually. Spaghetti Kitchen and Copper Chimney. At Khar. On top of the Toyota Showroom opposite Gabbana. Much excited, I decided popping … Continue reading

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Part 2 of your visit to Mumbai

Bandra is an experience.  While it has its seafaces, churches, and other great tourist spots…ahem SRK and other star houses included, you may be quite appalled at the traffic and the general sense of chaos that prevails here. But….  When … Continue reading

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the 4th prize for my entry in the Indiblogger contest on Real Beauty. Yay!!! Here are the list of winners:   Oh! and the post on the second half of your trip to Mumbai is up tomorrow.   Cheers

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Real Beauty – is in the eyes of the beholder,no?

I don’t know when they crept up on me, these lines. Across my forehead, around my eyes, on my neck. I looked mournfully at my dressing table adorned with jars and bottles of various creams, each promising younger looking skin, … Continue reading

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>It’s still happening

>On Marine Drive last night. I spotted them while cruising by in a taxi. I just had to go back and speak to them. And what warmed my heart even more this time was that these are youngsters who….. well…. … Continue reading

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